The End of History

Posting this today because I woke up this morning from a dream where Dad came back to life so he could walk me down the aisle. Been crying off and on all day.… Continue reading

The Unfairness of Leadership

I’ve had my share of bosses over the years. Some were great, some were meh, and some were terrible. Everyone who’s had a boss or manager or authority figure in their life [read:… Continue reading

Barren Mothers & New Legacies

Over my many years of calling myself a Christian, I’ve read and heard many teachings on scripture about motherhood. I’ve heard many talk about the glory of having a life develop inside of… Continue reading

Practical Housekeeping

Wrote this last year shortly after I moved into my first all-by-myself place. Now, just a year later, I’m starting this process again. This time, however, is truly a “reset” on my life:… Continue reading


Written for Courtney Hansen, on the occasion of her 18th birthday in January 2011 – and dedicated to all women. Eighteen Today we celebrate you, that the miracle of your birth really was… Continue reading

Clothing the Emperor

With my deep apologies to Hans Christian Andersen, for both the departure from his original story and the execution thereof… Clothing the Emperor Bring satin, bring lace, bring cotton or cashmere. Knit from… Continue reading

New Theology

Wrote this for the future Mr. a few months ago. Getting my wedding dress altered today. Only 46 more days to go! New Theology what is the exegesis of smiley kisses and sweetheart… Continue reading


Once upon a time, I wrote about the Sin of Perfection and how I thought maybe part of the reason Eve was successfully tempted to eat the fruit was the sudden idea that… Continue reading